At the moment, I am offering Mini–Astrological Consultations where I work on one area of life you wish to focus on. In these sessions, we explore what the natal chart holds regarding the topic you choose as well as near future trends in this area of life. Since I am still a student, the sessions cost 400 kr. and they are 60 minutes long. The style is non-deterministic, it is psychological.  If you are interested, you can e-mail me at or book online.

I have been interested in astrology since my late teenage years, early twenties.  I think there was an impulse to understand myself better and to know what the future is holding.  On the other hand, I did not quite understand how to utilize astrology.  I was interested while at the same time fearful of any negative prediction I would read here and there. 


Nevertheless, I studied astrology on my own, first by reading books that I have gotten from a  friend, and later on I bought recorded audio classes from Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg’s school Astro Logos, and doing some self-study with the guidance of these recordings.  However, I was not consistent and never thought that I could take this interest further.


Later on, I start thinking of taking up study of astrology again suddenly.  This time, I actually wanted to be more serious and disciplined about it and go deeper in my understanding.  I needed something to help me make sense of my life and the world around me.  It took me few more years to begin realizing this wish. In April 2020, I started formally studying with the Faculty of Astrological Studies.  Since then, I did not stop and enjoyed my decision to embark on this new journey very much. 


While it has been exciting to study something new, it has also changed my perception of astrology.  I realized that astrology can help us tap into innate talents and potentials we have within us, some of which we have not yet acknowledged perhaps.   It may also help us handle difficulties on our way with more understanding, acceptance, and creativity.